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Tech Articles

From quantum computing and data science to innovations in database management and trade execution, technology powers everything we do.

Bringing Your Hobbies to Work: What Will You Make Today? October 2022

A look at providing spaces at the office for electronics, music and other creative hobbies.

Edward Easton
Shades of Green: A Systematic Approach to ESG August 2022

Combining data science and expert human overlays can help you better judge a company’s ESG credentials.

Barry Fitzgerald, Chris Bright
Scheduling a Jupyter Notebook with Notebooker May 2022

With the release of the latest version of Man Group’s ‘Notebooker’ project, users can now set up their Jupyter Notebooks to be run as reports on a schedule.

Jon Bannister
PyBloqs in 5 minutes April 2022

Custom reports from Python code or notebooks can be time-consuming - PyBloqs can simplify the process.

Charlie Smith
Use a Standard CLA please! (or Maybe None?) March 2022

CLAs have benefits, but they can cause friction. At Man, we've found the drawbacks can be largely solved through standardised CLAs (or by not using one at all).

Python-Centric Timeseries Storage in 5 Minutes With Arctic, the Datascience Database February 2022

How you can start using Arctic for highly intuitive data storage and retrieval.

Matthew Hertz
Alpha Technology: An Intern's Perspective November 2021

In this article, five of our summer interns tell us about their time at Man Alpha Technology, what they’ve learned, and the opportunities they experienced.

Man Alpha Technology Team
Bending Moore's Law: Single-Core Stagnation and the Cloud November 2021

Moore's Law is broken - that's why we built our own cloud.

Henrik Bilar

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