FRM Global Macro

The FRM Global Macro Strategy is a concentrated multi-manager portfolio that offers access to a potentially diversifying, risk-adjusted return stream through a blend of highly liquid, directional, multi-asset class managers. Man FRM has extensive experience in Global Macro investing since 1998.

The key features of the strategy are:

  • Aims to provide low correlation to traditional asset classes with positive skew and optionality in exposure
  • Focuses on liquidity through the use of most liquid market instruments (i.e. swaps, forwards, futures)
  • Seeks to preserve capital in down equity months as managers can scale in and out of trades and look to cut risk quickly to limit outsized downward moves
  • Designed to provide diversification in environments of increasing uncertainty about equity valuations and higher interest rate volatility
  • Invests in a comprehensive mix of fundamental and quantitative strategies in both developed and emerging markets, attempting to capture trading opportunities from different angles

Investment Solutions

Man offers a comprehensive suite of investment solutions and formats that can be tailored and optimised to meet specific client needs. Our investment solutions offer optionality including: liquidity, control, investment restrictions, investor customisations and transparency.

Alternative investment funds
Regional funds
Separate accounts
Advisory mandates
Managed accounts

Access to investment products and mandate solutions are subject applicable laws and regulations including selling restrictions and licensing requirements. Investment solutions listed above may not be compatible for all investment strategies and may be subject to minimum subscription requirements. Regional Funds: In additions to UCITS and AIFs registered across the EEA, a number of investment strategies are available in vehicles registered in Chile, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Switzerland.


One should carefully consider the risks associated with investing, whether the strategy suits your investment requirements and whether you have sufficient resources to bear any losses which may result from an investment:

Market Risk - The Strategy is subject to normal market fluctuations and the risks associated with investing in international securities markets and therefore the value of your investment and the income from it may rise as well as fall and you may not get back the amount originally invested.

Counterparty Risk - The Strategy will be exposed to credit risk on counterparties with which it trades in relation to on-exchange traded instruments such as futures and options and where applicable, ‘over-the- counter’("OTC","non-exchange") transactions. OTC instruments may also be less liquid and are not afforded the same protections that may apply to participants trading instruments on an organised exchange.

Currency Risk - The value of investments designated in another currency may rise and fall due to exchange rate fluctuations. Adverse movements in currency exchange rates may result in a decrease in return and a loss of capital. It may not be possible or practicable to successfully hedge against the currency risk exposure in all circumstances.

Liquidity Risk - The Strategy may make investments or hold trading positions in markets that are volatile and which may become illiquid. Timely and cost efficient sale of trading positions can be impaired by decreased trading volume and/or increased price volatility..